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    Display field without Scientific Notation

    matt bruno

      I'm importing some cusip numbers for government securities. The problem is that some of the cusips are a string of numbers mixed with letters and sometimes E is towards the end of the string triggering scientific notation. So Tableau is converting these from (ex. 135087E32 to 135087e+32). I can't find any way to change the format of this column - since it is a string, I am not able to change the format. Is there any workaround for this? On the excel import sheet these cells would be ="135087E32" and I'd prefer to keep the text format within Tableau.

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          Jamieson Christian



          Make sure that you have set the formatting to "Text" in Excel. Tableau uses the cell number format as a strong indicator of how to interpret the data. I tried 3 different variations of this approach ("Text" format on entire column with Excel Table, "Text" format on entire column with vanilla range, "Text" format on just the table cells in an Excel Table), and in all 3 cases, Tableau correctly surmised that it should use a String data type and not interpret the text in any way.





          If you want to attach a copy of your Excel book and a packaged workbook illustrating how it was brought into Tableau, we can take a closer look at what's going on. Thanks.

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            matt bruno

            Thanks, I was hoping to make the adjustment in Tableau, but I will have the users change excel formatting instead.