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    Definition of 'Last Viewed' and 'Times Viewed' in server reports?


      Can anyone clarify the definition of 'Last Viewed' and 'Times Viewed' in server reports?  I'm looking specifically at 'Who has seen this view'.  I can't find any information on:

      1 - The time period it covers

      2 - What 'last viewed' and 'times viewed' mean.


      I'm really only interested in how many days each person used the report (i.e. we want to make sure they are using at least every 2 days) however the dates appear arbitrary.  E.g. in the picture attached, it shows me as viewing the report on 10th March and there are two separate entries for 27th Mar?  However, I have viewed this report every 2 days since it was first published and have only viewed it 3 times today (27th) to get the stats so don't understand how it can be showing 43 unless it is an accumulation of prior days (in which case what causes a new row to be triggered for some people and not others).


      Thanks in advance