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    Average selling price comparison (Delta price)

    Morgan DUARTE



      Last year I've tried to come up with a dashboard to show the delta price of a product and a product line, but I did not succeed to get the right calculation. Hope you can help me there.


      I have 2 years of data, with many lines of products (Material) and products lines (Activity) and I need to do the following formula:

      (Average Selling Price of 2017 - Average Selling Price of 2016) * 2017 quantity   and all of it divided by total turnover of 2017.


      And this calculation should work at the material level (product ABC) but also at the activity level (Server, desktop,...).


      Attached an example.

      For ABC, I should fing +4.8% and for DEF, -29.6%

      And for the total Server, it should be -11.1% (The sum of ABC and DEF delta volume divided by the sum of ABC and DEF turnover)


      Any idea how to do it?


      Thank you