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    Unable to Convert Measure to Dimension because of Multiple Data Sources

    Brandon Shelton

      I have three separate data sources that I am trying to blend together. I've attached a packaged workbook with an example that I've created. Ultimately, I'd like to get to a simple table that looks like the following:




      I'm having an issue on correctly blending to the data source that contains the [Final Score]. Where I'm currently getting stuck is my inability to convert a calculated string Measure to a Dimension, so that I can join on it between two data sources. The calculated field in question on my packaged workbook is [Range] on the 'rate_adjustments' tab. I've researched the possible solutions found here - http://kb.tableau.com/articles/issue/unable-to-convert-measure-to-dimension - but neither the binning or LOD calc will work because I'm already using data from multiple data sources.


      I'm looking for a creative way to get the above output, regardless of whether it entails successfully transitioning [Range] Measure string to a Dimension.


      Thanks in advance.