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    Problems with Chrome rendering Tableau graphs - Aw, Snap! error

    Jesús de la Plaza


      I'm new to this community. Not sure if i may introduce myself in another thread before posting questions. If so, please let me know.


      The point is that we are trying to insert several Tableau graphs that our client have developed using this service. We are using the plain embed code from the graphs.

      All works just fine on all browsers, although that sometimes (like 80% of the visits) Chrome returns the infamous "Aw, Snap!" error page right after finishing the load of the graph on page. Example:

      Informe Cotec |  Índice Cotec


      Trying to debug it, seems that the error comes while loading this asset:



      But as said, it doesn't happen all visits, and the behaviour is pretty erratic. If we open the Chrome developer tools, it doesn't happen!!  (?!)

      Looks like something related with jQuery versions, but the weird thing is the http error Chrome returns.


      Hope someone here can help us tracking this issue.


      Best regards and thanks in advance.


      Web developer from Madrid, Spain