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    Dynamically displaying a hosted pdf using a url

    Chelsea Ursaner

      I'm making a tool to explore Los Angeles' city budget, have an idea that would add value if it's possible. There is something called the Blue Book (it's actually two books, Volume 1 and Volume 2) that gives much needed context about each "program" (initiative) in the budget, which the budget data lacks. (See the current budget viz Tableau Public )


      For example, on page 27 of Volume 1 you can see details for the Senior Services program in the Aging Department.

      Inline image 1


      Each program is a single page, so I thought if I added a column for page number then I could add a dynamic parameter to show that page when the user clicks a program. I.e. to get to the Senior Services page the url would be http://cao.lacity.org/budget16-17/2016-17BlueBookVol1.pdf#page=27 , so the dynamic version would be http://cao.lacity.org/budget16-17/2016-17BlueBookVol1.pdf#page=<page_number>


      Unfortunately, when I started testing I quickly learned that I can't actually display a hosted pdf.

      submit tableau.png


      Possibly giving way too much background/tangential info here but I figure people may have ideas for workarounds.