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    Dynamically Setting Parameter Value as User selected Filter value

    Shanmughapriya Balasubramanian

      Hi All,


      My requirement is to dynamically set the Parameter value as per the user selected filter value. Is this possible and if so could you please guide on this?


      I have two sheets, one from data_src1 and another from combination of data_src1 and data_src2(with blending). Ideally there should be user selected filter to be applied for both the sheets, since it is from different data source, I had to use Parameters to filter those. There are more than one filter like this and hence changed all these to parameters


      Now Parameter 1 and Parameter 2 needs to be cascaded also and I am unable to cascade the Parameters.


      In case if we can dynamically set the Parameter Value based on the user selected filter value then using these parameters both the sheets will refresh and I can hide the parameter control in the dashboard and will make the filters only available for user, for selection.


      Please let me know if this is possible or any other approach to achieve this.


      In brief, the scenario is as below,


      Folder_Name     WorkFlow_Name     Start_Time     EndTIme

      A                         A123                         12:00               13:00

      A                         A124                         2:00                  3:00

      B                         B1123                         3:00               4:00

      B                         B1124                         6:00                6:30


      Folder_Name and Work_Flow_Name should be either filters or Parameters which needs to be cascaded and also applied to two sheets from different data sources.