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    Advanced Alerts

    Suresh Martha

      I have created a simple alert workbook by following through the user guide. Being the owner I have subscribed to the workbook on a disabled schedule. The alerts works fine but the data is not restricted to the user to whom the email is sent. I have a user security filter which works fine and the data is restricted when the user views the workbook in the browser but the same doesn't work using the advanced alert. Is this the default behavior or am I missing anything?


      Here is an example: When the email is sent to the test1@gmail.com it should only include the first line in the email body as well as in the attached pdf, same for line 2 but both the users receives the entire report.


      UserID                         Email                                     No of Customers

      X145                        test1@gmail.com                         1

      X234                        test2@gmail.com                           2 

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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Suresh,


          Yes, this is the behavior of Advanced Alerts, they run as the trigger view workbook's owner so that is the USERNAME() that gets returned when generating the alert.


          The way to send an advanced alert with different content to different users is to use content references and URL parameters. So the first row in the trigger view would have a content reference like VIZ_PDF(workbook/viewname?UserID=X145), the second row VIZ_PDF(workbook/viewname?UserID=X234), etc.



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            Matt Coles

            Did this answer your question, Suresh? If so, could you please mark the answer as correct? Thanks!