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    Extract Vs Live from Tableau Server

    Durga Patsa

      Hi All,


      I have a questions that needs a suggestion from you. If anybody could help, that will be appreciated.


      I have developed a report and published to Tableau server. This is a weekly report and the database which I connected to, will be loaded with data every Sunday night. Business users will run my report on Monday Morning. This means the Tableau report may not get connected to LIVE all the 7 days of the week, but just on Monday morning when the user opens the Tableau server to run the report.

      Now the question is,


      Is there any way for me to make the report available as 'Extract' from Tuesday to Sunday and 'Live' on Monday.? If possible, can we do without manual intervention? As the data uploads happens once in a week, the user must not fact the latency issues when he/she tries to execute the report other than Mondays.


      Please advise.