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    Filter Clients in Sheet #2 Depending on Clients Displayed in Sheet #1

    Ricardo Laborde

      Hi everyone,


      I have a workbook which is using the intersect logic posted in this thread Brainstorming Multi-Select Filters: INTERSECTION instead of UNION


      My data consists of the conditions a client suffers from, and this client could have multiple conditions like for example:


      1. Client 1 has Cancer and HIV
      2. Client 2 has HIV and Diabetes
      3. Client 3 has Cancer, HIV, and Tuberculosis


      The Sheet #1 has a multi-value filter which gets clients who suffer from the selected diseases, so if I want all clients who suffer from BOTH Cancer AND HIV, the view would return Client 1 and Client 3 because they both have these two conditions at the same time.


      This works all fine and dandy. The problem comes with Sheet #2. Sheet #2 is a map that has a hierarchical geographic field with three levels (Zip Code, City, State) in which the user has the option to view the map by each of these levels. I want to be able to display the values on this map depending on the filters selected at Sheet #1. So if I select HIV and Cancer, only the clients (assuming there's more than one client per geographical location) who have these two conditions will have their geographical location displayed. So for example, let's say we have San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, Client 1 and 3 are both from San Francisco and Client 5 who also happens to have these two conditions, is from Los Angeles. When I select these filters at Sheet #1, both San Francisco and Los Angeles must be the only geographical areas colored.


      I already have a LOD calculation for each measure of the map at Sheet #2 which calculates every relevant information. I just need to filter the clients on Sheet #2 based on the filter used at Sheet #1.


      Sadly, I can't post a workbook as it contains data from my employer


      All help is appreciated!