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    DENVERtug 2017 Q1 Meeting, March 23rd

    Denise Peck

      DENVERtug Q1 Meeting, Thursday, March 23, 2017



      CU Denver Lawrence Street Center

      Denver, CO 80204


      Event Sponsors

      University of Colorado Denver 


      Ablaze Group


      12:30p - 4:30p MT
      Check-In, Opening Remarks, 2017 Meeting Planning

      Developing the Dean's Dashboard at the University of Colorado Denver: A Technical and Political Overview
      - Brenden Goetz, University of Colorado Denver
      - Kate Treadwell, InterWorks
      Delivering Actionable Information in Higher Education:
      Leveraging Tableau for the Transition to a Data Informed Decision Environment
      - Robert Stubbs, University of Colorado Boulder
      - Jason Straub, University of Colorado Boulder
      Afternoon Break – Refreshments courtesy of InterWorks and Ablaze Group
      Tableau Server Data Visualization:
      Using a Browser or Tablet for Advanced Visual Analysis
      - George Peck, Ablaze Group
      Closing Remarks, Networking
      4:30p - Meeting Concludes