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    Dashboard Active sheet getunderlying data

    Tracey Kuthol

      I can able to call getunderlying data on worksheet.  but i cant do for dashboard.  If i loop through all worksheet and calling isacive always get false.  I can able to get summary data through mark selection getpairs  but i want full data (similar in tableau full data).

      1.  How can i find active sheet in dashboard?

      2.  How can i get full data after user selected or filtered?


      I can able to show viz in embed web page.  I need to get it work through Tableau JavaScript API.


      I couldn't find any example or article on this issue.


      Thanks in advance

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          Tracey Kuthol

          Here is what i did.

          I loop through all the worksheet in the dashboard. Calling getMarkSelection() function and get the mark length.  If length is greater than 0.  I call getunderlyingdata for that sheet.  this makes several calls to tableau if user select something on each sheet of dashboard.  I dont know if there is any efficient way of getting underlyingdata through javascript api.  i am looking into tblcmd side (which is server side).


          Another thing i noticed on the dashboard work sheet, if there is aggregate function in row level then underlying data is not row data.  Its summary data.  I hope this is how tableau javascript api providing data for using getunderlyingdataasync().