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    How to visualize all the steps in a trip using the Paths and Pages shelf


      Hi all,


      If you've answered this question before, please direct me to the discussion thread.


      I recently traveled to Cuba. I want to create a Tableau viz that presents information about my trip.

      I would like to use maps to show: My Travel Order: 1. Michigan-Florida, 2. Florida-Havana, 3. Havana-Trinidad, 4. Trinidad-Varadero, 5. Varadero-Florida, 6. Florida-Michigan.

      As I click through the presentation I want the line to draw the path as I present.

      I honestly don't know how to do this.

      When I put the Travel Order dimension onto the Pages Shelf, I thought I would at least be able to see a line drawn from Michigan to Florida, but the Pages Shelf makes the marks circles and a line is no longer drawn.

      My next thought was to leave all routes plotted, but use a dual axis to specify which route I'm referring to. This obviously didn't work :-(


      I'm attaching the .twbx, it was created in Tableau Desktop 10.0.1


      Also, if you have recommendations on how to make the map appear more stylish, I would be very open to hearing your thoughts.


      Thank you! :-)