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    How does a newbie add Census Tracts to Tableau?

    Lori Schomp

      Hello everyone,


      I am looking at socioeconomic characteristics and NYC's Citi Bike (our bike share).


      Because I am using SES variables and demographic characteristics/population from the ACS Census surveys (5-year estimates), I'm using census tracts as my unit of analysis. Citi Bike provides bike station lat and long and I'm doing an ecological analysis with the census track as a unit of analysis.


      Side NOTE: I DREAM of getting Citi Bike data at the member level... where the member lives, how frequently the member bikes..trends over time by neighborhood, etc)


      I've done mapping in ArcGIS, but would love to use Tableau, because it's so much prettier and easier to explore the data with ( I have a MAC and ArcGIS in Parallels is a pain).


      I'm far from an expert user . So I'm looking for videos or step-by-step solutions? Do I need to create a CSV file from shape files?


      Please forgive me if this is answered elsewhere. I did try and dig around, and nothing for a novice appeared.


      Grateful for all help and advice!