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    One url for different groups to see separate views

    Rod Nault

      I have tried to get an answer to this question both internally within my company and through the knowledge base without success.  I have also tried different combinations of permissions without success.  Please forgive me if this has been asked before.  I legitimately can't find the answer and I am a relatively new server user.


      I want to be able to send out one URL to one workbook and have each of my three server groups see only their own dashboard within the 'shared' workbook.  Right now, everyone can still see all views
      even though I set the Views permissions as shown below.


      There are 3 dashboards in one workbook.  I have 3 groups set up in the server (managers, team leaders and advisors). I want advisors to see 1 view; team leaders to see a 2nd view and
      managers to see a 3rd view.  No one should see each other’s views.


      Show sheets as tabs is turned off so that I can control group permissions by view

      The workbook permissions for each group are set as follows:


                                                      Project                                 Workbook                           Views

      Managers                            View & Interact                View & Interact                1st View set to View & Interact; Remaining Views set to None

      Team Leader                      View & Interact                View & Interact                 2nd View set to View & Interact; Remaining Views set to None

      Advisor                                 View & Interact                View & Interact                3rd View set to View & Interact; Remaining Views set to None


      What am I doing wrong or is this even possible (someone internally says it was not).  What information might I be missing from above to help answer this question?


      Thank you for any help you can provide!!


      Rodney Nault