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    Validation of Unique Parameter Entries

    Nancy Kim

      Hello - new to the forum and would appreciate any help! Here is my problem outlined, which I've been working on using Tableau 10...


      I have a list of company IDs in my data set. I have 4 user-inputted parameters to define the group a company falls into:

      • Enter Primary Company ID: this parameter is used to identify the company ID that is the "Primary Company" in my calculated dimension, Company Group
      • Enter 1st / 2nd / 3rd Competitor CID: these parameters are used to identify the "Competitor Company" group
      • All others get grouped as "All Other Companies"


      I'm trying to create two validation steps and am getting stuck on the second:

      1. Different Competitors Check: this calculated dimension checks to make sure the inputs into the 3 Competitor CID parameters are not equal to one another (so no duplicates)
      2. Greater than 2 Valid Competitors Check: this calculation would validate that the company IDs entered into the 3 Competitor CID parameters are actually valid company IDs


      Using the two validations, I want to filter my entire data set to only display Company Counts if the competitor company IDs entered are both unique and valid.


      As mentioned, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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          Joe Oppelt

          See attached.


          What I did here was created a sheet that pops out on a dashboard and covers your sheet if Param 1 = Param 2.  (I think you'll really want to do this on a dashboard, BTW.)


          I just did that one condition.


          But you can have a whole bunch of checks going on, and if any violation occurs, then something like this will pop out.


          For now I have just a text value displaying, but you can have a calc field that gets built with the condition that is violated, and you can display that calc field instead.


          For now I'm just putting this rudimentary example out here to show what you can do.  If you are interested in pursuing this, I can work with you to make it more robust for all the conditions.


          Let me know if you want to do something like this.

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            Nancy Kim

            Hi Joe,

            Thanks for the tip. I should have mentioned that the attached workbook was a very simple example which was why it wasn't in a dashboard versus just a single sheet.


            I'll play around with having a pop up that covers the sheet. I have about 14 dashboards within my published workbook so I need to investigate if there are any performance issues associated with this route. I'll play around with the sample you've attached and see if I need your help refining it. I truly appreciate your offer for help on making it more robust.


            Hope you have a great weekend!