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    Ask us anything about maps or spatial data in Tableau!

    Kent Marten

      Hello Tableau Community!


      My name is Kent Marten and I'm the Product Manager for Maps at Tableau. My team and I are excited to start this discussion forum to cover anything map-related. That means we're open to questions, comments, insights, critiques, even jokes (so long as they're family friendly) about working with maps in Tableau. Background maps, geocoding, or the awesome new spatial file connector in 10.2, any topic you want.


      This is the deal. My team will be checking in on this thread regularly for the next week, responding to any and all questions. Your job is to post those questions. Then we will be doing a LIVE "office hours" on March 1st to give you another chance to ask away. That's it!  We're excited, we can't wait, we hope someone asks a question .  If you don't feel like posting one now, mark your calendars for Wednesday, March 1st at 11:00am PST, the LIVE event will cover questions, along with a short demo showing some of the recently and soon-to-be released features.


      To register go here: Dev Office Hours: Maps and Spatial Data | Tableau Software


      First question gets a virtual high-five, ask away!





      If you missed the Dev Office Hours or want to watch it again - check it out here: Dev Office Hours Maps and Spatial Data in Tableau - YouTube


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