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    Suspended Tasks just disappear from view?

    Matt Francis

      We've just upgraded to 10.1 from 9.2 and have been having issues with some extract tasks failing (the underlying database they connected to was being moved so the failures are a known problem). With 10 you now get emails telling you, great, and then, after 5 attempts they get suspended, also great.


      However, the problem is that how can i see a list of suspended tasks? There doesn't appear to be a view in the default server pages to do that, which i find very surprising. The server has decided to suspend something, notify me by email, yet when i come to look at the task list, there is no indication that these tasks may be suspended.


      Yes, I can go into the postgresDB and build my own dashboards, which i have done, but it surprises me that this new feature or suspending tasks isnt show in a clear visual way.


      I tried searching and didn't see anyone else commenting about this so maybe there is a way and i just havent seen it?