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    How to transfer data from a Dashboad to a database?

    Grégory Escallier

      Hi community,


      I currently face a problem with one of my customer's requirement.

      He asked me to allow the Tableau users to send data displayed in a dashboard to a third party database.


      The use case would be the following:

      1.       A Tableau user will be presented with a set of elements based on his permissions

      2.       The user will have the possibility to apply a set of Tableau filters to refine more precisely his scope

      3.       Then he will click on a button/link/whatever in the Tableau UI to “pass” (automatically) those elements to the target system for further processing.


      I already imagined some solutions but none is really satisfying:

      • Using Tableau URL action to call a service, passing the filters values as parameters of that URL. Unfortunately, there is too many filters and too many available values for each.
      • Embed Tableau dashboards in a HTML page, filters and the transfer action would have been managed in the page, not in Tableau. The transfer management would be easier but with a huge rework ahead.


      If any of you has a better idea, I'll take it!