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    To display a view in full screen on click of a button

    Ramkumar Chandrasekaran



      I have a dashboard with 4 views in it. All these 4 views are of equal size. I have put a slider under each view to display the Top N items, based on their selection. As the views are of smaller size (568x200) considering the other objects in the dashboard, the business does not feel comfortable in scrolling down all the way to the bottom to view all the items. Instead, they would like to see all the items of a view in full screen, on click of a button. We can call it a detailed view. One option that I could think of is, creating a duplicate dashboard for each of these 4 views and having a button in the main screen to navigate to this detailed view, when required. Does this sound appropriate? Is there a better option than this? If this option is Ok, should I hide the duplicate dashboards while publishing it in server. I am asking this basic question as this is my first Tableau dashboard, I have never published one in a server.


      Many thanks for helping me out on this.