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    Coloring A Matrix based on separate Scorecard calculated field

    Adam Ehrenworth

      I wanted to try and do a hot zone type coloring .. for good an bad behavior we are tracking with data entry by end users.


      The bottom line is that I created a calculated field that takes the LODs values (grouped versions of those values are on the rows and columns on image below) and multiples them and gets a "scorecard" value that is not seen that I want to use to color the grid.


      The wrinkle is that I want it to get GREENer to REDer based on a combination of higher or lower Column.

      So if someone is low in the left side (percent Group) and high on the top columns (OP reportable group) they would be super dark green. Good behavior


      if someone is high in the percent bad search (left) and high on the top columns (OP reportable group - +1000) they would be dark RED. -


      and then the variation in between. Anyone in the 0% on left would be some form of green (but possibly lighter) and anyone that is in the 75+% would be in some shade of red.


      Does this make sense? Not sure if this is even possible or if its worth the effort.