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    .tde vs .twbx

    Ankita Gulati

      Hi - On a server environment- What is better to use in terms of performance a .tde or .twbx file?

      And, which one will have in memory processing ? Which will impact my user experience ?


      I am dealing with a data of ~ 120GB. also, would like to understand from housekeeping purpose is it better to have data separate as a .tde file?


      Thanks for your help!

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          Vincent Baumel

          So you're wondering if performance will be better when A)Tableau is accessing the data wrapped into the .twbx file, or B)Tableau is accessing a completely separate .tde file



          Am I correct in this interpretation?


          Perhaps you could run a field test to see. Open up 2 instances of the same workbook, one connecting to a .tde and one as a .twbx file. Use the "Start Performance Recording" feature to see how long the same tasks take on each version.  Hopefully this should get you your answer, with your specific data!


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            Ankita Gulati

            Thanks Vincet for your reply.


            By any chance would you have some use cases available at your disposable for me to confirm my thought process.






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              Vincent Baumel

              I don't use Tableau Server, so I can't speak to that unfortunately. I've used the performance recording only a couple times (on actions that were taking like 5 or 6 minutes to perform), so I wouldn't say I have enough experience to explain it well. Perhaps there's someone else on the forums who could shine some light on it?

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                John Kuo

                tde files will be in-memory. I say give it a try.

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                  Nathan Panuco

                  Hi Anikita:


                  What kind of data connection is in the .TWBX? If it is a Tableau Data Extract, I don't believe there will be any performance difference between using a .TWBX with a .TDE embedded or a .TBW accessing a .TDE since the .TDEs would both be stored to the data engine process when published to the Tableau Server. Packaging a workbook into a .TWBX doesn't do anything to the data extract other then add it to a zip file. If you rename a .TBWX to .ZIP you can see the separate .TWB and .TDE files inside. That being said, if the data connection in the .TWBX were a live connection to a database or a flat file, I could see there being a performance difference. I concur with the suggestion to do a performance recording if you want to know for sure.


                  Hope this helps!

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                    Tharashasank Davuluru

                    Hi Ankita,


                    You can follow this thread data extracts  there is a detail explanation given by Mr. Jonathan Drummey where you can get lot of insights and use cases when to use which one. You can also go though his blog for extra information.

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