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    Creating Sankey Diagram with Tableau

    Amelia Kohm

      I found Jeff Shaffer's blog post

      <http://www.dataplusscience.com/SankeyinTableau82.html> on using Tableau to

      create Sankey Diagrams quite helpful. I would like to build a similar

      diagram in Tableau, but I do not want to compare rank at one point in time

      to rank of the same dimension at another point in time. Rather, I'd like to

      show partnerships between schools (one dimension) and arts organizations

      (another dimension). I created such a diagram using raw.densitydesign.org (see

      below) but it will only creates static visualizations and does not allow

      for filtering or highlighting.


      The problem with using Shaffer's method seems to be the calculation for the

      curve which relies on numeric values (position and position 2). Any

      suggestions would be greatly appreciated!