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    Tableau 10


      Anyone else experiencing slow view performance with extracts on Tableau 10? We are on 10.1.3 where it was supposedly fixed. It is excruciatingly slow. Views that took a couple of secs take about 20 secs now.


      I have a ticket with tableau support. I will update what I hear from them.


      Thank you,


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          Vishal Jethwa



          What is the specification of the machine you are running Tableau Server on? Also what is the data source type? (i.e. SQL, Postgres, CSV?)



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            Donna Coles

            Hi Jegan


            We've recently upgraded to v10.1.1 and have had some feedback from users that they generally feel things are 'slower'.  I've seen the known issues list has some references to performance & extracts so we may need to look to move to a higher version.  Will be useful to hear what you get back from support as for us, upgrading to a 10.1.x version is the same process as upgrading to a more major release (we're a single server environment), with regard to the resource & downtime we need to plan with the business.


            We typically use server data sources, the majority of which connect to SQL Server. Some of these data sources are extracted onto the server, some are connect live.  Some workbooks will then extract further with the aim to improve performance.



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              @Vishal, It is a single server 16 core with windows 2012. 128GB ram. I don't see any spike in CPU or RAM.


              The sources are tableau extracts connecting to SQL server.

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                Jeff Strauss

                I'm interested in what supports tells you.  Please post back on the forums when you find more detailed info.