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    Using enroll date and cancellation date from the same data set to calculate net enrollments (workbook attached)

    Maximus Decimus Meridius

      I have a dataset with enroll date and cancellation date. For each day, I want to show the net enrollments. This means the number of enrollments - number of cancellations, by date. I've attached a workbook and have a couple of questions:


      1. Why is my cancel date being read as a text string?
      2. To limit file size, I'd like to try to calculate this without duplicating the data source. Is this possible?
        • How will this handle null values? I.e. if there are no enrollemnts, or no cancellations or neither on a particular day, I would like this to be displayed. So for instance on days where there are enrollments and no cancellations I want to make sure this doen't get dropped
      3. If I was to duplicate the data source to the create a relationship between enroll date and cancel date, how can I handle null values? If there are no cancellations on that day it just gets dropped I believe


      My goal is to be able a some kind of dual axis area chart, showing cancellations in front of enrollments so we can easily see the net enrollments