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    January OKC TUG

    Guillermo Mendez-Kestler

      The purpose of the OKC Tableau User Group is to share knowledge, tips & tricks, and connect with other Tableau users in the OKC area. Whether you are a beginner, a wizard, or just curious, you are welcome!

      The meeting is in Building A at the Dell OKC Campus. I'll update here once the Eventbrite tickets are setup.



      • Welcome: Brief Introductions
      • Tips and tricks to improve your Tableau dashboards – Russ Lyman
        Abstract: Having great insights doesn’t matter much unless you can clearly communicate those insights to others. Tableau dashboards are often the final touchpoint where insights are communicated to stakeholders. Because of this, we will be taking a look at several tips and tricks that will make our dashboards clearer, cleaner, and more powerful – enabling us to blow people away with their data.
        Speaker: Russ Lyman is an Analytics Consultant from InterWorks. He graduated from Brigham Young University in 2007, then returned to BYU to earn his MBA degree in 2014. For the past 2.5 years, Russ has traveled the country delivering Tableau Training courses, and consulting with clients on their implementations of Tableau Software and Tableau Server. Prior to working with Tableau and InterWorks, Russ was a Business Intelligence Analyst for Domo. Russ is from Riverside, CA. He currently lives in Stillwater, Oklahoma with his wife Candace, his 2-year old son, Gabriel, and his 3-month old daughter, Fiona.
      • Q & A


      Questions? Feel free to email Guillermo.Mendez-Kes@Dell.com or call (512) 728-2587

      Hope to see you there!