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    Paul Houghton

      Hello to all the Kiwi Tableau users. I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Paul and I'm a kiwi living in London. My plan is always to come back to NZ and love to hear how things are going back home.


      I got my intro to my current employer Tom Brown at The Information Lab from Nick Lupis so I'm pleased to see him still about

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          Samantha Batchelor

          Hi Paul, I catch up with Nick regularly. He is someone who is great at connecting people! I'm working at Fonterra and we have probably the largest Tableau footprint in NZ with 140 Desktop licences and >1200 server users.


          Where are you working in London? I lived there for 4 years and came back to Auckland in 2010.


          Kind regards,

          Sam Batchelor

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            Paul Houghton

            Im working at The Information Lab in London, were Tableau and Alteryx consultants so work in with a number of different companies in higher education, finance, airlines and more. I've been there for two years so far but love the company and the culture