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    dashboards, containers, tiled

    gene shackman

      Sorry to say I still don't quite understand containers and tiled. David Li gave me a good answer here

      dashboards, containers, do worksheets automatically get put into one

      But I still don't exactly get it. I've been searching the web for two days and can't find a website with an explanation about tile and containers, and their relationship, that I can follow.


      Here is the layout for a dashboard (1chart) with one chart. Is this in a horizontal container? Is it also tiled within that container?



      Here is the layout for a dashboard with 2 charts. REchart is tiled within the horizontal container which is tiled? And GenderChart is tiled in a horizontal container, which is tiled within another horizontal container, which is tiled?


      When I start a dashboard, unless I use floating, everything is inside a tile, that's the overall dashboard?


      In this dashboard, I didn't put in any containers, and they all now look like they are in the same horizontal container, which is all in one vertical container?


      Finally, in this dashboard (dashboard 2), I did put in two vertical containers side by side, all the charts on one container, and I thought I put in all the tables in the other container. But it looks like the vertical containers with the tables are tiled, although two tables are tiled together while one (grade) is tiled apart from the others?

      I will be explaining this to others, but I'm not really clear myself. Any help? How do tiles and containers get organized. I need a good clear explanation, did anyone make a web page about this? I can't really find one.



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          Jamieson Christian



          There are different ways that people use layout containers, so the following is just the way I handle it:


          • Wherever possible, I avoid floating containers. This is purely a personal preference, and hearkens to my background designing responsive HTML web pages.
          • I eliminate all Tiled containers. Tableau tends to automatically insert these in response to various actions when you're laying things out. In particular, if you try to resize elements by dragging their borders, Tableau tends to add a lot of Tiled containers in the process. You can right-click on any Tiled container in the hierarchy view and choose "Remove Container". (See below.) All of its immediate children will be promoted to children of the old Tiled container's parent.
          • Make sure Horizontal and Vertical containers alternate. If you find e.g. a Horizontal container with a Horizontal child, those are redundant, and the inner Horizontal can be removed with "Remove Container". You only need another container when you need to change the direction of flow for items. (Tableau tends to insert redundant Horizontal and Vertical containers a lot, especially when it auto-inserts filters and color legends.)


          My mantra is, "Remove, remove, remove." Use that "Remove Container" option aggressively to pare your tree down the minimal set of containers that are really needed. This will make for a very stable layout.


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            Jamieson Christian

            One more random note:


            If while dragging item borders to resize them, you encounter this (double border with a gap and a small triangular arrow), that's a sign that if you let up right there, Tableau is going to create a Tiled container. I have no idea why. It's aligning the size of your items to something above or below them, which is nice, but putting them in a Tiled container does not seem to offer any advantages going forward. In particular, it does not cause all of the items (the ones you were resizing and the ones it aligned to) to stay aligned as though in a grid matrix. So I just don't see the point.


            Because my rule of thumb is, "Remove all Tiled containers" I keep an eye out for this visual feedback. It tells me that I may need to go find and eliminate a Tiled container once I'm done dragging borders around.


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              gene shackman

              Thanks for the info about removing containers.