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    Problem with over addition

    César orlando Pallares Delgado



      This is my first post. I got a question about a problem with my tableau strategy.


      I have a database about research projects in a university. This database is in excel, and has 7 sheets. Every sheet has different information about the research projects.


      Each research project has a unique consecutive identifier (1,2, 3.....so on).


      In the first sheet I have the research project title, its start and ending dates, and the faculty of the project. In the second sheet, I have the external funding for the project, in which I include the name of the institution, its nationality, and how much money it invested in the project.


      When I combine both sheets in Tableau, I have no problem if I try to find how much money an Institution has invested in our research projects.


      For example, Institution A invested USD 100k in project 1 and USD 200 k in project 2. When I use Tableau, I can add them up, and find a total of USD 300 k.


      But, the problem begins when I try to add the other sheets. When I do this in Tableau, then it multiplies the values of the investments for those external institutions. Then I cannot use graphs or other strategies to conduct my analyses.


      In this case, the sheet 3 has the information about the research groups that are leading the project. Then, Tableau multiplies the investments as many groups are participating in the project.


      For example. the Institution A makes the same investments than before; but now, in the project 1 there are two research gropus. Then, if I add them up to find the total investments of Institution A, then Tableau does not let me to USD 300k, but to USD 400k.


      Is there any way to solve this problem.


      Thanks for your help.