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    Tableau Online user session timeout

    Gunnar Stefansson

      Hello all,


      I have a dashboard in Tableau Online which is embedded in a webpage running on a an unattended computer. The idea is to have a display with some live information shown on a dedicated screen. The web page is refreshed every 10 minutes to update the data and keep the user session alive since Tableau Online has this 2 hour user session timeout that cant be configured. Until about 2 months ago this was working well only failing occasionally due to network issues etc. Now however, refreshing the web page does not seem to keep the user session alive as the user is always logged out after about 3 hours. I tried setting up authentication with Okta, hoping Okta would somehow provide the credentials, but still the user session times out.


      Does anyone know how to keep the Tableau Online user session alive (forever)? Any suggestions on how to solve this would be highly appreciated