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    Showing 2 dates in a table

    Kerry Evert



      I am having a bit of trouble trying to display 2 dates in a table. I've managed to do it once, and tried to replicate it with different dates, but it hasn't worked.


      I have created a parameter to select a month from a dropdown menu. Then I need a table which shows the month (Say November 2016) compared with the same month of last year (in this case November 2015). I've managed to do it with this month compared with last month (so in this example November 2016 and October 2016).

      This one works:

      And it gives me this result:

      But this calculated field:

      Gives me this result - all the way to the selected month which is November 2016

      When all I wasn't is the same as the 1st table:

      November 2015    November 2016


      Can anyone help with this calculated field to get the values I need (without having to filter out the middle values)?

      Thanks in advance.