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    How to get Top 5 %  values and scorecard while using data blending


      Hello All,


      I am reposting this question as I didn't receive any solution for this and this is my priority now.

      I am using Tableau 10.0.1 version and In my attached workbook you can see AP Spend and SF Spend from 2 diff data sources and I am using blending here.

      My goal is I am doing comparison for AP and SF Spend from Jan to Dec and also to find  what % of SF Spend is AP, in order to achieve this I did Calculation as

      Spend% = sum(SF spend)/ sum(AP spend)*100.


      1. Now I want to get top 5 months by Spend%?

      Example: I want top 5 months with highest percentage in one sheet and also bottom 5 months with lowest percentage in one sheet with same structure like bar chart having both AP Spend and SF Spend and also Spend%.


      2. I also wants to show a scorecard which shows the below function in another sheet

      Example: by creating KPI Parameter as High, Medium, Low and High should show months with specific percentage like

      Spend%>15% then High

      Spend%<15% and Spend%>5% then Medium

      Spend%<5% then Low

      Now if we select High in parameter then it should show specific months which has high percentage i.e. >15% , if we select Medium in parameter then it should the months whose percentage is Spend%<15% and Spend%>5% ......likewise Low.


      I tried this parameter function by creating a parameter first as High, Medium, Low as String and created a calculated field as

      Calculation for Scorecard:

      case [Parameter]

      when "High" then Spend%>15%

      when "Medium" then Spend%<15% and Spend%>5%

      when "Low" then Spend%>15%


      but I am getting calculation error. and not sure how to achieve both 1 and 2.

      Please find the attached sample workbook, in my real time I synchronized the axis and in sample i was unable to do that..fyi



      Thanks in Advance,