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    AND filter for UseCases regarding to accounts

    Chistian Auner

      Hi all,

      my first discussion...

      I have no idea what to do next. Hope you can help me.


      In my workbook you can see simple data.

      Account names and names from the UseCases.

      Every account can have multiple UseCases:

      Account:          UseCases:

      Audi               AAA

      Audi               BBB

      Mercedes      AAA

      Mercedes      BBB

      Mercedes      CCC


      So, very simple. But now I´m searching for a quick AND filter.

      Example:(select AAA and BBB) -> Result: Audi and Mercedes

      Example:(select AAA and BBB and CCC) -> Result: only Mercedes


      With the normal quick filters from Tableau I only have an OR filter and the result is every account with one of the selectet UseCases.


      Does anyone have an idea how to add a quick filter for that example?


      Best wishes, Christian