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    Governing of data in Tableau

    marco veluwenkamp



      I am a very new user of tableau. Working as a financial controller in a bank, i am now part of a project to set up an organisation for this application.

      We have it installed it in the scope of this year and together with the former management and consulters a report has been made.

      Now with the new management pressure is made to use the tableau sollution and foremost to change and enhance it.

      The current report is a duplication of a report we made in power point until now.

      We have though the skills in the house to change and enhance.

      My question is therefore now not technical but more regarding organisation.

      The door is open now to post reports. We in financial controlling have received the task to govern the data within tableau.

      This means the data should be consistend , correct and therefore integrated with other data being´produced in our institution.

      Data integration supporting integrative steering is a big challenge, i think not only for our company.

      Therefore i want to make an offical document describing the rules for posting and publishing of data.

      This should describe that when data is being pubished the one who does , is also responsible for the quality and is the one being asked for background information.

      Also before publishing iterations with other stakeholders should be made to secure the integrative aspect.


      Therefore my question is if anybody can provide me with an example of a professional document to describe the governing of data in tableau, steering that what i mentioned before (not technically, but from an organisation point of view)


      I would be very grateful for any input




      Marco Veluwenkamp