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    How can I determine good or bad %s for multiple measures?(Colour code)

    Khalid Baker

      Hi everyone;


      I have an issue determining good from bad as colours. Suppose we are looking at an income statement and creating formulas in excel to look at certain expenses as a % of Net Revenue.


      Suppose I have General & Administrative, Sales Cost, Sales & Distribution as well as Advertising and Marketing expenses each as a % of Net Revenue. Example: General & Administrative/Net Revenue %= 24% for a region1& its 30% for region2, whilst Sales Cost/Net Revenue % = 35% for region 1 & it is 25% for region2.


      To find out what is acceptable or not, we use the following:


      1) For General & Administrative/Net Revenue %, we would say below average General & Administrative/Net Revenue % is acceptable & above average General & Administrative/Net Revenue % would be unacceptable.


      2) For Sales Cost/Net Revenue %, we would say below average Sales Cost/Net Revenue % is acceptable & above average Sales Cost/Net Revenue % would be unacceptable.


      Each expense per net revenue % would have a different average based on the previous logic.


      (This is simplified, of course there are a lot more records/rows)


      I would like to colour code based on previous logic on a single graph/visual.


      Your help is highly appreciated!


      Thanks in advance!


      Kind Regards;