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    Problem with filter action to navigate between dashboards - having to click on the button twice

    Bhanu Srivatsav

      Comm_1.pngTo describe what I'm trying to achieve :



      I am working on two dashboards which include a home overview dashboard and a detailed dashboard. I have set up a button that takes the users to the detailed dashboard from home, and then back ofcourse.


      The way I have set this button up is : I have added the image as a shape in the repository and brought it up on a separate sheet. On this I have applied a FILTER action which takes the user from the source sheet to the target sheet. Here is where the issue is cropping up.

      One needs two clicks to achieve this - the first to select/deselect the container and the second to actually perform the filter action of navigating.


      I have tried multiple things, which include changing various options on the attached screenshot ( Leave the filter, Run on single select, Hover ) etc. but unfortunately none of them have been fruitful. I am trying to minimize the number of clicks to 1, but from my knowledge this seems to be a seemingly impossible task. Let me know if there are any alternatives to this approach.


      PS: URL action is not an option, because I have filters on my source dashboard whose impact I want to preserve when I navigate to the destination dashboard ( Detailed Dashboard )


      Thanks in advance!