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    How to get more than 1 'desktop' device preview?

    Carlo Lenting

      Hello peeps,


      This past 5 months I have been playing around with Tableau. And was able to figure a lot out on my own.

      By using the tutorials, community and other information sources to get everything done in Tableau.


      This part I struggle with, I want to create a dashboard with multiple "Desktop Layouts"


      I want to have the following "device layouts":

      - FullHD one for use on desktop.

      - 1366x768 for laptops

      - 1024x768 for the beamer.


      But I am only able to use one desktop layout, anyone got a workaround for this?

      or am I doing something wrong here?


      Used Tableau Version is:

      Desktop Professional Ediion 10.1.1 (10100.16.1103.2343) 64-bit.


      Thanks all for your help!