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    Tableau Forums Data

    Matthew Risley

      Hey, Community!


      I was wondering if there was any data out there for the Forums here?

      I had an interesting thought of, "Hey... I feel like I helped a lot of people recently, I wonder if it's due to growing experience or sheer time on forums? I wish I could see my points over time"


      Which got me thinking.. I would love to play around with some forums data. Such as visualizing number of posts by category or tags, points gained daily of Ambassador's/Tableau Wizards vs. Normal Folk (like me), Points earned by  etc.


      Is there any data out there? And is there any plan in the future to bring this out? If not, can we theory craft this idea?

      If they were to bring this data out, I do foresee a problem with potential data sensitivity and making the data semi-anonymous may be the way to go.


      Just thought it was a fun Idea and would love to get some feedback and your thoughts.




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          Bill Lyons

          This does sound like it could be fun. We Ambassadors have a private viz which shows our performance, but it doesn't compare us to others.


          There is a viz at Crow's Nest which shows unanswered posts, which many of us use, but that is not what you are looking for.


          Those indicate that the data is available to some Tableau staff (i.e. Patrick Van Der Hyde) and so what you are describing is possible. Patrick may even already have such a thing that isn't public. This is an interesting question for the Tableau Community to consider. It does come with some potential problems. How much information is too much? Are there privacy issues involved? Can anyone be harmed? I don't know the answers, but the conversation could be interesting.

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            Matthew Risley

            Bill, you bring up great points! It seems as if this data is being collected somewhere (if it's not maybe there should be a discussion for Tableau, internally, to start?) ! I didn't know that you had a private viz, that's cool.


            I thought it would be a fun side project. I would absolutely love to start a discussion on the possibilities and limitations of doing something like this.


            Heck, it'd even be interesting to see the sentiment scores between ambassadors vs others. Are they more friendly, caring, etc.? You could even compare the sentiment of Tableau posts vs. other forums and see what makes Tableau forums so unique: shout out to Shawn Wallwork for his post here: Re: Philosophical Question... 


            I've got a handful of ideas and would love to see what the community would come up with. Could be really fun!

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              Patrick Van Der Hyde

              Matthew -


              We can chat offline. I can't give you data with any personal identifying info-  email address, first name, etc...  but that still leaves a lot on the table.  For instance - the Crow's Nest and Ideas data might interesting to you..  the problem is the ambassador list vs other people..   once we get 'people' into the data, i can not share it.  Send me an email with your thoughts on the matter and we can discuss offline.