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    Create "OR" quick filters on a dashboard

    Steve Zadroga

      Is there a way to make a quick filters follow "OR" logic instead of "AND" logic?  For instance,  I have a drop down of car types and I want to have another filter that uses OR logic based on the location it was built.  For example, someone could select "Ford" OR "Detroit".

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          Sarah Ebreo

          Hi Steve,


          This may be possible using parameters and a calculated field.

          1. Right-click Car Type and Location fields and select Create Parameter
          2. Create the following calculated field: [Car Type] = [Car Type Parameter] OR [Location] = [Location Parameter]
          3. Place the calculated field onto Filters and select True > OK.


          See the attached workbook as an example. If this does not solve your question, can you provide a sample packaged workbook and a mock up of the desired result?