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    Most efficient way of handling large JSON

    Corentin Martel



      I want to perform a data analysis over logs of a website. I have one log by day for about a month, stored as json files of about 500-600 Mo each.


      I am wondering what would be the most efficient way to deal with this, as I don't think that I can open all my logs at once as Json with 32 Gb of RAM.


      If I load the logs in a database ( MongoDB ?) and then use it in Tableau, will it be more efficient? Or should I just reduce my analysis by weeks to avoid memory overflow ?

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          Diego medrano

          Hey Corentin,


          There's a few ways you could go with this:


          1. Create a web data connector to connect to the logs hosted on the site and create an extract: Web Data Connector


          2. Migrate to a DB to connect with Tableau


          3. Look at the data weekly.


          Honestly, I would go with option 1 or 2. Lowering your scope to look at weeks is likely a band-aid solution that may not let you do the level of analysis you eventually decide you want to do. The sooner you migrate to a database, the better set you are for the future. Also, once your data is in a DB, you can filter to only connect to certain subsets of data to improve the speed of your analysis if you so choose.



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            Corentin Martel

            After looking everywhere for an answer, this was my conclusion also. Thanks !



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              I have the same issue with my json files. I am able to get data for 2 month, but when I want to ahve more than 2 month I do not get any data. What I do


              1. created webdata connector to connect to my json file (in this connector I have a start and enddate)

              2. Creating extract in tableau and store it.


              But for any reason I only have the option to do a full refresh all time and not an incremental (the json files are already extracted)


              any Idea how to do an incremental refresh on a json webdataconnector?