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    Db error post deployment and scheduling the jobs

    Avancs avancs

      Dear All, Appreciate your help as i am new to Tableau,


      Recently i have developed Visualizations using Tableau 9.1.X and deployed the TWBX to the server


      1. The database that I am using is Oracle and Teradata

      2. For some visualizations i have used Oracle and other TD

      3. I have created a datasource for each visualization separately as tables in the same db  are not related to each other (is this correct approach?)

      4. Post deployment all the visualizations and TOC worked fine.

      5. Recently i had to change my db password as it is mandate to change every 60 days.

      6.Now when i open my TOC and visualizations i am getting error "unable to connect to the data source"

      7.how  do i update the password with out redeploying the twbx again as i have a dependency on other team


      8. can you also suggest how i can schedule the db refresh on the server every month


      Thanks for suggesting me in advance and wish you all a happy new year!