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    question regarding filters

    tulasi burle

      Hello everybody ,


      I have a table as follows

      id  gender electronics    accessories   apparel

      1     f            2                         0               3    

      2     f            1                         4               5

      3     f            1                         1              4

      4     m          3                         0               1


      the numbers in the columns are the scores of a particular person in the category for example person with id = 1 has scored 2 points in electronics section.

      Now i am building a visualization where i need to give a count based on the filter selection so when i apply a gender filter it works fine , so when i select female the count gives me 3 .

      now i want a filter to select the columns that is the electronics , accessories and apparel.


      So the i need to build a filter that will allow me to select gender and the different categories, so if i select female and categories - electronics and apparel the count for ids having non zero score  is 3 ( i.e. id: 1,2,3), now when i select female and the categories electronics and accessories i should get a count of 2  (i.e. id 2 and 3 ) as id 1 has 0 score in accessories hence its not counted.



      Please help me through this.