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    Tableau Server (portal) Monitoring automation using powershell

    Rajanikanth MachiReddy

      Hi Tableau Team,


      I am new to the server community and its good to have such a nice community to address common issues/concerns.


      I have a requirement in our organisation to customize Tableau server monitoring which we are doing it manually right now.


      Simple script with no load on server should monitor Tableau portal whether its working or it , the result , should be emailed through SMTP to our DL every hour.


      I have below script which i tested and it works fine if POSTGRE process is not available and if Postgre is running i am unable to Tweak below script to send email saying that server is available


      Can some one tweak this script so that it should monitor


      1)Postgre Process & WGserver process


      If any of the above process is down  or Both process are running (Any case True or False) ,we should be able to send email accordingly(Up/Down) to our DL.


      1. powershell.exe -command "& {if (! (get-process -name postgres -erroraction SilentlyContinue)){Send-MailMessage -SmtpServer '' -from  -To  -Subject 'postgres.exe not running on PROD '}}"


      Thanks in Advance