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    Multiple KPI's for Multiple Measures in Text Table

    Jennifer Sanchez

      Hi There,


      I am using tableau to recreate our performance measure reports once previously done in SSRS (of course with its own limitations). Setting up the data the way I want is pretty easy in a text table, but when it comes to putting in KPI’s for multiple measures, I am running into the problem of only being able to use ONE marks area for all metrics, and my measures are not measured on the same scale. I tried doing dual axis but this seems to complicate things and makes the data all over the place and again, I can only get it to do one KPI for the entire view. The other option is building it separately and then mashing it all together in a dashboard….but since some reporting entities score on some measures and not others…aligning this all up in a dashboard will be difficult….


      I’ve attached a workbook for anyone who can provide any insight. I greatly appreciate your help! I’ve also included a screen shot of where I am envisioning the KPI’s to go (infront of the scoring) and what I am using to compare the data. The issues I’m running in here are:


      For the “LeapFrog” Score, I am using a bars, that is how they display their data. However, I also want to add in KPI’s for other measures. For example, for Hospital Compare, the Hospital Score is 0.2 and the Target is 0.48. I created a calculated field called “Hospital Compare KPI” and I’d like to assign a shape to this value but I cannot do it since the Leapfrog measure already uses a shape. Is there something that I am missing or is this not possible like this?


      Any help is GREATLY appreciated.


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