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    Plot of 3 Types of Revenue against 3 other types of revenue

    Josh Marks


      1) Background

      My data looks like this:

      2) Eventual Goal

      I want to be able to plot the combination of 3 revenue source against 3 other revenue sources


      3) Initial Step. Calculating a calculated field for "04 Earned Fees" and the displaying Earned Fees per school with this calculated field



      I'm trying to create a calculate field that provides earned fees for each school (sample correct data is highlighted yellow). I wrote this expression and the syntax is correct but nothing is returned.:

      if attr([Act Header])= "04 Earned Fees" then sum([Amount]) end

      and this also fails to return anything

      if attr([Act Type])= "Revenue" then sum([Amount]) end



      4) Curiosity #1.

      If I place ActHeader on the detail tab, it does display some values


      5) Curiosity 2. If I adjust the field as follows, it does return values (without the ActHeader)

      if attr([Number])= 1 then sum([Amount]) end

      if attr([School Type])= "ES" then sum([Amount]) end




      Thanks for any insights!