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    Cross tab column alignment

    Suresh Babu Kommuri

      Hello All,


      I have struggle in implementing below requirement. Could you please anybody help me.


      I have below dimensions



      Customer ID




      Total Customers:     CountD(Customer ID)

      Total IND Customers:         CountD(IFF([Region]='IND',[Customer ID],NULL))

      Total UK Customers:          CountD(IFF([Region]='UK',[Customer ID],NULL))

      %IND Customers:     I need to show [Total IND Customers] / [current month IND customers] --- Need help on this formula

      %UK Customers:     I need to show [Total IND Customers] / [current month UK customers] --- Need help on this formula


      I need to show data in this fashion but I am not able to achieve this. Kindly help me in this requirement. and also help me in Grand totals.


      WholesalersTotal CustomersTotal IND CustomersTotal UK Customers%IND Customers%UK CustomersIND CustomersIND CustomersIND CustomersUK CustomersUK CustomersUK Customers
      Grand Totals3000090002100065007900900085001650021000


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          Joe Oppelt

          Tableau won't let you insert things in the middle of a crosstab like Excel will.  the two packages are structured differently.  Tableau is more dimensional-grid oriented.


          You can make the calcs you need % IND/UK numbers.  Use LODs to get the total sum of IND and total sum UK.  The specific syntax will depend on things you have set up in your sheet so I can't give you an exact calc, but I bet it will look something like this:




          { EXCLUDE [month] : COUNTD( IF [Region] = "IND" then [Customer ID] END ) }


          Essentially this says to get the countD regardless of month.


          Your [Total IND Customers] that you showed above will get you the COUNTD by month (if you have months on the columns shelf.)


          Then you can do [your LOD Calc] /  [Total IND Customers]

          and that will give you the % you are looking for.


          How, exactly, you will display that is your next step.


          Can you upload a packaged workbook and your tableau version?  We can play with it.