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    Grand Totals for Calculated Measures?

    Amy Lambert

      Hello - I am so new to Tableau as well as this Forum, so please be patient with me as I gather my bearings.


      I've created a table with some data, and I can't seem to figure out how to get Grand Totals, despite scouring the web and forums for answers (again, I'm very new to the data/analytics world).


      For HIPAA purposes, I cannot share a packaged workbook, but I will share a screenshot along with the best explaination I can...


      To the left are my Medical Group names (Dimension) and the columns of data are what I am trying to total. My data are calculated Measures. Each row represents data for a different medical group. I am just needing to display the total for all medical groups for each column of data. Thank you.


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          Norbert Maijoor

          Hi Amy,


          Welcome to this forum:).


          Bring your measures in by "Double-Clicking" the applicable measures or drop them on the canvas. Make sure "Measure Names" becomes available on the Column shelf


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            Sagar Sanjay Joshi

            Hi Amy,

                 The Calculated Measures are being used as Discrete measure, hence it can't do any totals. Hence you need to use them as Continuous Measures. You can do so by using the Measure Names and Measure Values fields as shown below.




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              Bobby Souza

              Hi Amy,


              Just to add to Norbert, it seems the pills you brought in are discrete - currently, Tableau is treating these pills like a Dimension (like "text") which is why the grand total isn't showing a total aggregate. What you want to do is convert each of your measures "2016 Adjusted", "Decreased Count", etc. to continuous (images below).


              • You can either switch each pill in the rows (image 1) or, what I'd recommend, is going to the Dimensions all the way on the left and change them to continuous (image 2). That way you can use these in aggregations in other sheets. Note: Once you switch the pills to continuous you will notice they turn green to signify a measure.


              • Once we change all the measures to continuous, i'd remove all the pills from the rows except what you'd like to categorize by, which seems to be "Accountable Medical Group".


              • Then, you can double-click or drag-and-drop each measure into the worksheet next to "Accountable Medical Group" (image 3). Note: After you add more than one measure you'll notice Measure Values and Measure Names appears (image 4).


              • After you bring in all your measure pills, you can add in your column grand total and you should see the values are now populated.


              Hope this helps!


              (image 1)                                                            (image 2)

              Continuous convert.pngcont two.png


              (image 3)                                                                                 (image 4)

              click drag.pngclick 2.png

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                Amy Lambert

                Thank you Bobby, this was EXTREMELY helpful. I'm back into business now.

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                  Amy Lambert

                  Thank you! You've been a big help.

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                    Amy Lambert

                    This makes total sense. Thank you for the assistance!