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    LoD Clarificaiton Customer-Sales

    Emre Kaya


      I have two tables customer([Customer ID]  ,CaC, name,..etc) and sales(order date, order amount, product id and [Customer ID] ), joined together  on [Customer ID] . In customer table I have measure called Customer Acquisition Cost(CaC) which is a measure which gives monetary amount to get this particular customer. When I try to calculate total marketing costs per year,

      I have used:

      {FIXED  [Customer ID] :AVG([CAC])}

      to create calculated field and used it  with order dates.

      However it gives wrong total cost. It includes all customerids, which appeared on sales table.

      It must be very easy to just unique customers and add CaCs to find marketing costs but I have not achieved.

      Any recommendations?

      Thank you

      Edit: My business logic is like this. I have cac for every customer and I am trying to calculate Marketing cost for all years. Please note that customer has join date so marketing cost is associated with it.

      IN simple terms, I try to calculate operating profit for every year with total marketing cost(should be derived from CaCs