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    Urgent:How to connect to odata service url instead of odata resource path url!!

    manasa parida

      I am trying to connect to remote DWH schema via OData url

      I have given the service url along with credentials say:



      It says "Bad Odata request.Make sure you are using a  URL that points to a valid Odata source".I have checked the logs, there is no specific detail saying why this odata url isnt working.But I can access the url in browser.

      I have already gone through couple of links for the above error.



      I am using odata v2 which matches with tableau requirement.


      I tried again with odata url till resource path


      it is successful.


      So cant we connect directly to odata service url like in powerbi etc?

      How can be build report when I want to connect to schema through Odata. Do I have to create multiple Odata connections for each table and then generate the report.