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    New to Tableau!

    Leonard Culberson

      Hello all!

      We are new users of Tableau.  We are a healthcare system using EPIC and EPIC's Cogito data warehouse(CDW).

      I was wondering if anyone out there is also using EPIC and the CDW?   If so, would you have a Tableau dashboard you created pulling and patient related data; such as patient admits by month(maybe over a 12 month period, or just for one month). Something simple we could go by to use and modify for our facility.  Even something maybe more involved, using patient and alerts data/  Just something to go by.  I know this may be asking a lot, this would be of great help!!


      Thank you for any assistance!


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          Brenda Fosmire

          Yes, at my healthcare org we are using EPIC and Cogito.  But we are just getting started.  We have plans over the next months to do some Tableau dashboards. 

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            Leonard Culberson

            Hello Brenda,

            We too are just getting started on Tableau.  We have been pulling data from Cogito DW using MS SQL.  We do have QLIKVIEW also, but are not currently creating anymore dashboards using Qlik.


            Thank you for your response!



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              Ekta Agrawal


              I know that this is about a year old post so wanted to follow up and see if you have had success in developing Tableau dashboards using EPIC COGITO (Caboodle) data. We are new to Tableau and EPIC and would like to get some insight on how both of these tools playing together in your organization and others.




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                Brenda Fosmire



                In the past year we have succeeded at embedding Tableau Dashboards into Radar in Epic.

                We have Caboodle, and are just testing using it for the source of the data for a Tableau Dashboard.



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                  Ekta Agrawal

                  Thank you so much Brenda! Are you also using EPIC provided (pre-built) BO universes in caboodle? Any experience using BO universe in Tableau? 




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                    Leonard Culberson


                    I am sorry I have not responded to your question until now.( almost a year later!)

                    Yes we are creating tableau dashboards using EPIC data warehouse(Caboodle).   Seems to work pretty well together.  We have had to create some VIEWS in MS SQL from the data warehouse.  Reason, some tables contain A LOT of data and access was slow.  Creating VIEWS improves tableau performance.

                    I am having issue now in tableau, on how to use a STORED PROCEDURE.  I am trying to read document from tableau on internet on stored procedure, but just can not figure it out.

                    Any information you can provide me with, will b e SO helpful!

                    Good luck at your site!


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                      Russell Goldin

                      Here is an article on using stored procedures: Stored Procedures


                      It is partially dependent upon your underlying data source. You can also pass SQL directly to the underlying DB, where available.  Using Raw SQL Functions | Tableau Software

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                        Nicole El Beyrouthy

                        Hi Brenda, I would be interested to learn more about your experience in embedding Tableau reports in Epic. Wondering if you would be willing to share more details.

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                          Brian Allee

                          Hello Nicole!


                          My name is Brian and work with Brenda on our Epic/Tableau integration. I would love to share some ideas on how we accomplish this as well as some of the challenges. Please email me at Brian.Allee@sclhs.net and we can set up some time to chat and share ideas. As Brenda mentioned we are just getting started, but have has some quick success with integration.


                          I am not certain what level of detail I can share in the thread for the epic build, but we have done several things including but not limited to custom activities and custom menus in hyperspace that allow us to use tableau configuration, integration with radar, as well as embedding links that launch internally or externally to hyperspace. our integration includes both the visual aspects as well as integrated actions between tableau and Epic. we have used a range of data connections including data exported directly from chronicles for specific workflows.

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                            Helene Matassa

                            I am also very interested in what other users are doing with Tableau in Epic.  I am particularly interested in the chronicles work although I work with clarity as well.  We are just starting down the path of integrating Tableau dashboards and worksheets into Epic and would like to learn what other users find works well as well as the challenges that need to be overcome.

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                              Brian Allee

                              Thanks for the interest in this topic Helene, please feel free to send me an email also and we can set up some time.